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Kick Butt with Class Speaker Extravaganza
Featuring Connie Podesta and Ford Saeks


The 2015 Event was Sold Out. See What Our Attendee's Had to Say About the Experience.

Kick Butt with Class Attendees

Kick Butt with Class Attendees

Kick Butt with Class Attendees

This event was for speakers who are serious about growing their business. Everyone enjoyed the high content, interactive approach from Connie and Ford. If you would like to be notified for future events please click the button below.

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Theresa Rose

"Not only did I receive invaluable advice on program development, delivery, marketing, and sales, I also made deep, meaningful connections with the most amazing people that will last a lifetime. It was truly a life-changing experience. THANK YOU!! "

— Theresa Rose

Tim Durkin

"I have been to many events in my time as a speaker and will go to many more great ones. But this...this one...was singular in every way possible. content, camaraderie, community and connection. Simply stellar. Thank you Connie and Ford..."

— Tim Durkin

Merit Gest

"AMAZING weekend! Pivotal. Game changer. Can't thank you and Ford Saeks enough for all the work that went into the planning and execution- from room lighting, comfortable chairs and healthy snacks to hot seats, pre-conference phone calls and top notch attendees... it was perfect start to finish."

— Merit Gest

""Kick Butt" three day program was a life changer. I came to Connie and Ford's weekend a strong keynoter...packaged and positioned as a trainer and consultant. A position that was definitely working to get me lower fees and ignored for most keynote considerations. That has been changed through your insights and guidance. I have 18 pages of specific notes that I now am working on to change and improve to position me where I need to be...and can perform for my customers. I don't have a content or presentation challenge...I have a positioning problem - or I should really say - I HAD a positioning problem. Now it's on to implementation. Thank you thank you thank you!"

— Jim Pancero

Jim Pancero

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For speakers who truly want to Make more, Speak more, Sell more, Achieve more and Do more than you ever thought possible.

By now, has your scam radar gone ballistic? Are you thinking' "Give me a break, I've heard this all before. Pseudo "experts" who never even made it big themselves (should be a big tip-off) and are now going after speakers, authors, trainers, and consultants like me offering magic bullets to success (should be more like smoking guns!). No way, I'm not buying it" you say. GOOD FOR YOU! WE COULDN’T AGREE MORE! We too have seen too many promising headlines followed by persuasive sales copy, lots of hype, and frankly… a lot of say-nothing strategies that will get you nowhere.

So here's the deal. If you are as tired and confused as we are by all the "Make Money Fast Speaking" events, then together let's figure out how to get the kind of game-changing inside knowledge, advice and motivation we all need and deserve from the right people who are truly experts. Because here’s the bottom-line...

THERE IS NO WAY TO MAKE MONEY FAST IN SPEAKING! It takes time. Energy. Hard work. Talent. Confidence. Amazing content. Excellent reputation. Creativity. And... more hard work!

Speaker Extravaganza

The Birth of an Idea!

Birth of an Idea

A couple of months ago, we (Connie Podesta and Ford Saeks) had dinner together after we had each keynoted a major client event. During dinner, our conversation turned to all of the so-called "Speaking Industry Experts" that have hit the marketplace with false promises, unrealistic claims, and fees that could make your heart stop! And it made us sad... and angry... and disappointed. We love this industry. It's been our life! And we wanted all of you to have access to the same kind of amazing information at reasonable prices that we did each time we were ready to take our business to another level.

People ask us both on a regular basis how to truly make it in the speaking business and, let's face it, it's an awesome job if you can figure how to GROW IT AND SUSTAIN IT. There are so many variables to running a successful speaking business like figuring out how to:

  • Increase revenue
  • Negotiate higher fees
  • Sell more products
  • Attract new clients
  • Keep clients coming back
  • Go from Breakout Workshops to Keynoting
  • Promote word-of-mouth marketing (totally free!)
  • and so much more

Whew! There's a lot to this business. So much for the person who says "Oh I think I'll speak or consult or train after I retire!" Seriously?

So we looked at each other and we knew that the two of us had to find time in our crazy busy schedules to break through the clutter, cut the crap, and team up for a one-of-a-kind kick butt, speaker extravaganza. In other words we can't complain about what's out there if we aren't willing to step up to the plate and do something about it.

So What Makes Us The Experts to Coach You
Towards a Thriving Business in this Industry?

We are each actively involved in our own careers and continue to build our own lucrative businesses day by day. We have earned millions of dollars sharing our talents and expertise worldwide and our combined client list covers almost every major company in every industry. We've traveled millions of miles, Spoken to, interviewed, mentored and coached millions of people, and have millions of ideas to help you get where we are. (Okay--maybe that was a bit exaggerated. Thousands of ideas?). Here's our take on one another.

Connie Podesta

"I love watching Ford in action! First he's just a great guy. He's also a marketing genius and without a doubt the absolute go-to guy for the past 20 years if you want people to recognize you and your brand. He's a master at helping others monetize their expertise. He has non-stop ideas that work. His client list is outstanding--top heavy hitter professional speakers, CPAEs, CSPs, thought leaders and industry experts. He's a guru of intentional prosperity. Meaning-- he knows how to help you make big money the right way. He's a guy you want on your team if you want to truly succeed in this business. Plus he is co-chair for the NSA Million Dollar Speakers Group."

— Connie Podesta

That's all about us in a nutshell. It's important we are great at what we do. You DESERVE no less!

Because we all can agree...

If someone is going to teach us how to Kick-Butt on the Platform, Get More Bookings, Sell More Products, Spin Off More Consulting Deals, Design “get-business-now” marketing, Help More People and Make Serious Money then...


But enough about us. We aren't the stars of the show. YOU are! We are only here for YOU! Let's learn about you.

A special message from one of our attendees, Chad Hymas. Why would a speaker who has over 200 dates a year come to an event about growing your speaking business.

"This event is about monetizing your expertise, because if you are like me, you don't want to be on the road that much." -Ford Saeks


Our Kick Butt Speaker Extravaganza is NOT for everyone. This event is only for speakers who want to make more, speak more, sell more, achieve more and do more than you ever thought possible. This event is meant to Kick your Butt in gear, no fluff, no false promises, just real results provided by two, successful industry experts. We are looking for speakers that are serious about their career. We would rather have ten amazing people ready to let go of excuses, reassess scarcity mind sets, and change limited thinking than 200 who simply aren't ready to do what it takes.

So? Are you ready?

Ready to be so amazing on the platform that your name and reputation soar. Ready to dramatically improve your marketing efforts so you can continually generate a steady stream of prospects and speaking opportunities. Ready to understand and work the business as well as the platform. Ready to DEFY CONVENTIONAL THINKING and banish status quo! Replace complacency with creativity? Then YOU are exactly the right person for this event!

So What Makes Our Event Different From The Rest
And Game-Changing For YOU?

For those of you who haven’t attended one of our presentations before, we like to approach things from a different angle. We like to take a more interactive approach with our events and engage our audience through a variety of techniques that you are sure to take away. Don’t believe us? Here’s a taste of what we will be covering.

Hot Seats

Of course no Kick-Butt, Speaker Extravaganza would be complete without our “Hot Seats.” Hot Seats are always the highest rated sessions of all trainings and boot camps.

This is where a volunteer comes on stage with us, bringing all their branding materials, ideas they have, topics they are thinking about, and any other marketing concepts they have, for a constructive — but tough love — critique.

Hot Seats

We dissect, analyze, and just generally brainstorm with a volunteer on where they need the most help. We get into a stream of consciousness and sometimes create headlines, rename their company, come up with sizzle topic titles, revamp a tired story, do fee negation role plays, and discuss old ways of thinking that could be killing their business.

Be warned, however...

When we do these Hot Seats, once we get going, we tell-it-like-it-is. It's NOT a seat for sensitive sissies. We’re concentrating on one thing and one thing only – how to advise, devise, strategize, and reenergize your marketing , sales, business and platform skills to make you and your business ROCK like there's no tomorrow. We’ll be honest, blunt, and get right to the point. We are serious about helping you help yourself. And it doesn't do you or your clients any good for us to tell you what you want to hear.

Sounds Interesting! What Else Can I Expect If I Attend?

Money Makers and Deal Breakers

We are going to share our own personal MONEY-MAKERS and DEAL BREAKERS that we use RIGHT NOW--each and every day in our own businesses that work to keep us at the top of our game and the money and clients rolling in. Not to mention how good it feels to truly help people and make a difference.

Money Maker

MONEY-MAKERS- these are the great little insider gems that can change you from being "just a speaker" to a memorable mega performer who is a force to be reckoned with. Wonderful super shots of success strategies you can take to the bank.

We'll tell you step-by-step, story by story, example by example what you need to do. Here's what you need to change. We will teach you how to:

  • Increase revenue.
  • Determine What Fee is Right for You. (Yes! We will be talking about fees! Because fees are a HUGE part of your business!)
  • Monetize content and expertise (Ford totally rocks this world).
  • Market Yourself so Others CHOOSE to Hire You.
  • Move From Breakout Speaker to an In-Demand Keynoter
  • Work with bureaus.
  • Increase Your Sales. Close the Deal. Get the Job!
  • Add humor and Connect with your audience.
  • Create an amazing presentation
  • Increase Your Repeat Business
  • And so much more!

Quit limiting yourself! What are the DEALBREAKERS in this business?

And — DRUM ROLL... Here's the cool part. Because of Connie's psychology background (a therapist for more than 30 years) and her intuitive understanding of psychology as it relates to Speaking as a business, we are also going teach you what to QUIT doing that's totally getting in your way of having the success you want. Such as:

  • The number one thing you need to quit doing on the platform
  • The top 3 things you need to quit saying on a prospect call
  • Which 5 things you need to quit doing now to improve your marketing & sales efforts
  • What are the top 7 things you need to quit doing with your website and social media efforts
  • The top 5 things you need to quit if you want to go from breakout trainings to keynote presentations
  • How to quit being afraid of being afraid and rejection
  • The top 3 things you need to quit if you want to work with bureaus. Yes, they’re still relevant for the right speakers
  • How to quit wasting your time with 9 worthless tactics that don’t work anymore And more!

So? Are you ready to LET GO and QUIT the things
getting in your way? Starting now?

Seriously this is the most important part of the whole event. AND NO ONE ELSE even touches on these DEAL BREAKERS. Why? Because you need a speaker/teacher with the experience and credentials in psychology to go deep inside and help you figure out WHY.

  • Why are you making excuses?
  • Why are you limiting yourself?
  • Why are you afraid to ask for the money?
  • Why haven't you raised your fee?
  • Why haven't you moved ahead at the speed you'd like?
  • Why aren't you tackling tougher topics?
  • Or adding more humor?
  • Or creating new material?
  • Or writing a book?
Ready for Speaker Extravaganza

We will cover these topics and SO MUCH MORE! There isn't a piece of the speaking business we won't uncover, explore, tear down and build up, re-evaluate, and look at from a different perspective.

Are you ready? Ready, for a ride of a lifetime? Ready to leave egos and sensitivities and excuses at home? And explore your attitudes and perceptions about speaking that could be self-limiting?

This is going to be the real deal! From two top game-changing, money-making, sales-generating experts, sharing no-holds barred insights that will move your revenue needle, confidence barometer, and feel good generator several notches higher.

Whew! Hold your breath. Are you ready?

The Most Important Question...

Is this the RIGHT event for YOU?

A lot of it is going to depend on your belief in yourself, your vision, and your level of self-awareness. And your ability to hear both the good and bad about what you're doing or not doing now. So ask yourself...

  • Do you really believe that your message is important and other people can benefit from hearing it?
  • Do you believe better marketing can improve your visibility?
  • Do you have the audacity, the guts, and the moxie to envision a multi-million dollar speaking empire, founded on the principles you teach?
  • Are you open to defying conventional thinking and looking at speaking from a whole different perspective?
  • Are you ready to let go of some limited beliefs and excuses getting in your way?
  • And... final question. Do you already have your eye on the winners circle?

This event is for people who may not yet have a multi-million-dollar business, but they believe they are worthy of one, and are determined to do it. They already can feel it in every fiber of their being.

Now if you really do believe in what you do – really believe that your destiny is to be on the platform on a regular basis, believe you have a message that people will PAY big money to hear and you're ready and willing to make a serious commitment to ascend to the highest levels of success in the speaking and consulting business – we want to help you. Most importantly we CAN help you. You won't go home the same! That's a promise!

The 2015 event was sold out and you missed an amazing event. To get notified for future events please enter your information below.

Kick Butt with Class Attendees

Kick Butt with Class Attendees

Kick Butt with Class Attendees

Ford Saeks and Connie Podesta hosted a powerful event for speakers which turned out to be one of the all time best experiences ever in their businesses. How powerful to bring a group together who not only were willing to help each other succeed (even though we are all competitors) but genuinely cared about one another's success. The ideas generated were invaluable. The mentoring, support, energy, and even love shared was so heartfelt. It's nice to be reminded how truly good we can be to one another in such a crazy world. See what some of the attendees had to say about their experience below.

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